Dallas Fort Worth Airport Pet Relief Locations | Animal Policies for 2023

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When flying out of Dallas Fort Worth Airport with an animal such as a dog, you'll want to read our article about the indoor, outdoor and post-security pet relief locations.


Pet-friendly Locations

We are aware of how much your pet means to you. For the benefit of passengers, DFW has established pet rest facilities at each of the five terminals.

DFW Airport visitors must keep their pets on a leash at all times. Additionally, if you're taking your pet with you from DFW, kindly have the proper pet carrier on ready. The designated places are only accessible to pets that are accompanied by a ticketed passenger.

Canines used by Law Enforcement

When taking your dogs on the road, kindly show courtesy to the Law Enforcement Canines. Pet owners must make sure their animals are in the appropriate crates and/or on leashes.

It is totally forbidden for your pets to interact with Law Enforcement Canines in any way. Law enforcement canines cannot be touched in any way. Please refer to Chapter 3: Miscellaneous Offenses of the DFW Airport Code of Rules and Regulations for further details.

Within Security Zones

Each terminal has a dedicated pet rest area that is within security.

Please be aware that you do not need to leave the terminal or go through security again to use these pet relief areas.

A29, B28, D18, E31, and Terminal D are the airport terminals.

Outside of Security Zones

Outside entry doors on the lower level are designated spaces for pet relieve. Please be aware that re-entry into the terminal will require both your boarding pass and the relevant ID.

A8 terminal; C2, C39 terminal; D15 terminal; D29 terminal; E2, E38 terminal;

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